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Born within the Queensland & Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce in partnership with CCIQ (Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland), and supported by hospitality & tourism focused initiatives, ParkCollect and Local as Qld, #WeAreInThisTogether and we are in this to come back bigger, better & together!

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P.S. even though we're born in Qld, doesn't mean we can't look after you! Our contact tracing covers businesses across every single state & territory in Australia. All you need is an internet connection and you're ready to rock.

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QR code contact tracing made easy and fun! The way it's meant to be.

Okay, we get it. Contact tracing, it's dry, tedious, your visitor hates it and you just want to get it done and over with. This is why we've created SafeVisit. Everything is designed with our user experience in mind, from our famous 45 second sign up for your business to the Scan. Tap. Checked-in™ experience for your visitor.

Our goal? We want to make contact tracing easy and fun (Yes, it's possible!).

, address auto-fill and auto-remember which means that your visitor doesn't have to put in their details again and again.

You also get access to your venue dashboard that display stored data for any date of choice, live head count and the magic email button which will instantly email the authority when they request your contact tracing data. 60 minutes timelimit from OLGR? One click from your dashboard and we'll get it over in 6 minute.

The Scan. Tap. Checked-in™ Experience.

We understand that nobody likes entering their data again and again (Neither do we!). Which is why our platform remembers the visitor's details on their own phone so they only have to punch it in once. Easy as. Try it here.

We've thought through the compliance.
Australian Data Center

We manage, store and secure all data sovereignly on Australian shores under Amazon Web Server (AWS).

Data Encryption

All data is encrypted using AES-256-CBC cipher. The 'gold standard' and NIST approved.

Consulted with QHealth

Developed hand-in-hand with the health authorities to ensure requirements are not only met but exceeded.

Locally Developed

No funny overseas business. Everything is developed locally in Brisbane, Queensland.

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Because free doesn't have to be boring. Would you like some features with that?
Admin Dashboard.

Don't rely on third party, gain access and review your patron data directly from your own dashboard. Have the ability to respond to the authority within minutes of data request, not hours.

Multiple Venues. One Login.

There is no limit on how many venues you can register. The best part? Manage all of them using just one email. Oh, did we mention that there is no password to remember? Yep. Easy login with our one-time verification code.

Everybody needs live headcount.

Having to get your team member to do headcount every 5 minutes sucks. We get it. That's why we've included the live headcount system that automatically adjusts as your patrons check-in and check-out of the venues.

Because we were all a kid once.

With dependencies check-in, your patrons can add any minors as a part of the same household and have them count towards the headcount.

These guys reckon we are awesome. (So do we, but we might be biased)
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The best part? It's totally free.

SafeVisit is an initiative from Sandy Lokas from Studio Hyphen and Nathan Schokker from Talio. Both founders own and operate their own small businesses and they know that small businesses cop the rough end of the stick when it comes to business costs and compliance.

As a part of the committee of The Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce (BJCC), the duo wanted to make the platform free – it’s a community service. Both founders also believe, through their conversations with the health authorities, that the key to easing COVID-19 restrictions will be reliable, timely contact-tracing.

The platform is fully financed by the chamber. All data is stored & kept under provision of Federal compliance laws for cyber security, which means it will only be used for contact tracing purpose. No spam, no scam.

Questions? Checkout the FAQ here.